Room & Pillow Spray: Lavender & Citrus

Lavender & Citrus



This 4 oz spray cleans and freshens stale, odor-laden air and leaves a fresh, non-lingering scent behind. No cloying, throat-constricting, eye-watering chemicals or artificial fragrances. Just clear water and our exclusive blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Why Use Truce

Non-toxic, All-natural, Alcohol free, Phthalate free, Color-additive free, SLS free, Biodegradable, Made with essential oils, Aromatherapeutic, Fragrance free, Casein free, Paraben free, Recyclable, Recycled labels, Water soluble inks, Grey water safe, PVC free, CFC free, Hypoallergenic, Petroleum free, GMO free, Handcrafted in USA


Linen, pillow, room and body

4 Simple Ingredients

Rubbing alcohol
Aromatherapeutic essential oils
That’s it!