Dog Shampoo

Lavender & Peppermint



The secret is rinse-ability! Get that soap off your pal quickly and thoroughly! Truce Shampoo for Dogs leaves your dog’s coat soft, shiny and clean! This is a low-lather shampoo, so work it in to the moistened coat sparingly rather than pouring it on—your dog gets a good massage and a good cleaning!

・Essential oils provide natural flea & tick control
・Zero chemicals & toxins means no skin irritants
・All safe ingredients with no allergy triggers

25¢ of every bottle sold is donated to our friends at the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.

Why Use Truce

Non-toxic, All-natural, Alcohol free, Phthalate free, Color-additive free, SLS free, Low-lather, Biodegradable, Made with essential oils, Aromatherapeutic, Fragrance free, Casein free, Paraben free, Pesticide free, Recyclable, Recycled labels, Water soluble inks, Grey water safe, Chlorine free, Cruelty free, PVC free, CFC free, Hypoallergenic, Petroleum free, GMO free, Handcrafted in USA, Supports charity


Because this product contains essential oils, do not use on cats.


Fill the bottle with tap water (we don’t ship water to save on fossil fuels) and give it a shake. Start with a wet pooch and spray sparingly, massaging the coat very well. This low-lather formula won’t swell up with suds, which helps avoid skin irritation. Rinse thoroughly.

7 Simple Ingredients

Pure soap flakes
Vegetable glycerin
White distilled vinegar
Guar gum
Lavender essential oil
Peppermint essential oil
That’s it!